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Recent years have seen TRIPLE digit growth in the number of micro-breweries opening in Europe.

A similar trend is seen in several countries across the world and also for other beverages, like kombucha tea. The growth in micro-breweries is one of the reasons Finn-Korkki is asked frequently what is our minimum order quantity, MOQ?

RipCap, ring pull cap, for beer is now available from Finn-Korkki

Finn-Korkki has begun manufacturing a new wide mouth closure that is suitable for bottled beer. RipCap wide mouth closures have been established for many years in the wine & spirit sectors. This new RipCap closure is a ring pull closure made from aluminium with a diameter of 42mm. This RipCap is Finn-Korkki's biggest ring pull closure that can be used with beverages like beer or cider, on glass, plastic and metal bottles.

Finn-Korkki develop a new aluminium closure for Veen's winning glass bottle

Veen Waters' Tomi Grönfors thanks Finn-Korkki for their congratulations and also gave thanks to Finn-Korkki for developing such an inspirational closure. It is clear that Finn-Korkki have a passion for closures in the same way that Veen Waters have a passion for water.

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