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Finn-Korkki congratulate Veen Waters on winning best glass bottle 2007

The 2007 bottledwaterworld awards attracted a record 169 entries from 32 countries. The winners were revealed at the awards presentation in Mexico City on 13 September 2007. Veen Waters glass bottle "Wave 66" designed by Antti Eklund won the 2007 best glass bottle category.  Finn-Korkki are very pleased to be associated with Veen and to supply their LuxTop aluminium closure for Veen's "Wave 66" glass bottle.

Veen Waters approached Finn-Korkki late last year to design, develop and manufacture for them a luxury aluminium closure. Veen had a demanding time scale and design brief for their new range of bottled water in glass.  The chosen closure solution from Finn-Korkki is a luxury aluminium closure with a plastic 28mm thread insert.  Aluminium closures give an excellent look and feel that naturally supported the Veen brand values. The top of the closure has an embossed Veen 'V' that adds a smoothness to the look and feel of the LuxTop aluminium closure.

These benefits were combined with practical considerations such as the need for the luxury aluminium closure to have a tamper evident feature.  This consideration gave birth to a striking blue band, reflecting the Veen blue.

Finn-Korkki have, with partners, over the last 10 years built a strong set of skills in luxury aluminium closure design, development and manufacture. These skills have allowed them to offer luxury aluminium closure solutions to the Absolut Vodka & Danzka Vodka brands amongst others. Finn-Korkki's key skills are in offering design ideas, their knowledge of stamping aluminium of various thicknesses and their knowledge of techniques for securing a plastic thread into an aluminium cap.

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