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New RingCrown Production Line at Finn-Korkki

The new RingCrown line is now operating at full capacity. Over half of the new production line was custom made because of the unique design features of the ring-pull cap. RingCrown production facilities include a pre-press department for digital preparation of designs and production of the printing plates. The new production line combined with the pre-press bring to Finn-Korkki increased flexibility in production scheduling giving extra flexibility in customer service.

A rapid growth in sales during the last five years shows demand for RingCrown - the ring pull cap - is strong. Sales of RingCrown ring pull bottle closures are driven by the beverage industry's need for distinctive and innovative products. Although bottled beer is the main market sector, RingCrown - the ring pull cap - is well established in the juice, water and energy drink market sectors. The key geographic markets are Germany, Poland and central European countries. During the trading year Finn-Korkki will regularly export, the easy open lift-off bottle closure, to over 30 countries.

Glass is still the bottle material of choice – but more and more breweries are combining PET bottles with RingCrown - the ring pull cap - to bring additional benefits to the consumer. A few companies, on the leading edge of the beverage industry, are packaging their premium drinks in aluminium bottles completing the premium feel of the product with RingCrown ring pull closures.

Finn-Korkki is Europe's sole manufacture of ring-pull bottle closures. RingCrown - the ring pull cap - bottle closures are, world wide, the only ring-pull closure to be manufactured totally from steel.

For over twenty years Finn-Korkki have been manufacturing ring pull caps for bottles with a crown cork mouth. Other products include special design closures, for example the Absolut Vodka bottle cap that is made in Hämeenlinna by Finn-Korkki.

Rolf Nygård, managing director, believes that Finn-Korkki's new production line will meet the growing demand from the European beverage industry for distinctive ring pull bottle closures, like RingCrown, to seal premium drinks.

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