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Finn-Korkki Oy History

History of Pull Off Bottle Caps

August Wicander Finn-Korkki ring pull bottle capThe history of Finn-Korkki Oy´s business activities start in 1868. At this time our business was, like it is today, the manufacturing of bottle caps & closures. The first products were cork stoppers.

August Wicander, 1836-1891, pictured, became a well known industrialist in the last half of the 19th century. His business interests ranged from cork to being the owner of a shipping line. These interests spread over many countries in Europe and beyond.

August Wicander´s son, Hjalmar Wicander, 1860-1939, and his grand
son Carl August Wicander, born 1885, continued the family industrial traditions over three generations.

Wicanders Manufactured Cork Bottle Closures

Turku Cork Factory Finn-Korkki pull off bottle cap manufacturerIn 1871 August Wicander founded Åbo Korkfabrik, to manufacture bottle caps from cork, in Turku, Finland. The picture shows the Ab Wicanders & Larsson factory, built 1893, in Turku.

Over the next 60 years factories, offices and warehouses were opened across Europe and Russia. Cork plantations and a competitor were brought in Portugal. The Russian and Polish companies were nationalised in 1917 and in 1945 respectively

ALKA Ripcap Bottle Closures

AlkaCap200pxDuring the 1930´s Wicanders' developed and began production of the aluminium bottle cap "ALKA". This was a tear off bottle cap, sometimes called a ripcap, with a cork seal. The bottles in the picture are sealed with "ALKA" ripcap type bottle caps.

At this time August Wicander Korkfabriker (AWK) operated four factories in Finland these were Wicander & Larsson, Plyyshi & Matto Ab, Turun Korkkitehdas and Drumsö Korkfabrik.

These factories were closed down during the 1960´s when business was transferred to Oy Wicanders Ab. Whose main business became the marketing of cork flooring and cork bottle caps.

MaxiCap Bottle Closure Manufacturer

MaxiCap200px What followed was a period of innovation with the development of the first pre-manufactured "easy to open by hand" bottle caps in the 1970´s.

This bottle cap, known as the "MaxiCap", was made out of aluminium, in one piece, with a plastic compound inner layer. Score lines pressed into the bottle cap during manufacture made these bottle closures easy-open. In the picture you can see the ribbed opening tag that also helped make the "MaxiCap" an easy-open bottle cap.

Wicanders opened the Finn-Korkki factory in Hämeenlinna in 1979 to manufacture the "MaxiCap" bottle cap and traditional crown cork bottle caps.

RingCrown Cap -The Ring Pull Cap

Finn-Korkki Wicanders developed Ring Crown caps - Ring Pull Cap -  then called MaxiCrown, in the early 1980´s. The two part design of this all steel ring pull bottle closure gives the most efficient use of raw materials so minimising waste and reducing costs during production.

RingCrown pull off bottle cap originally called maxi crownManufacturing of Ring Crown Caps - started at Finn-Korkki in 1984. In January of 1989 Finn-Korkki Oy became an independent company after a management buy out from Wicanders.

The new owner managers began production of candle cups in 1989 and candle covers in 1992. Customer service became more flexible with the purchase, in 1998, of Hämeenlinnan Grafipalvelu Oy giving the advantages of an in-house pre-press service.

Finn-Korkki Oy´s desire and ability to innovate lead to the creation and production, in 2000, of the Absolut Vodka bottle closure.

Ring Crown replaced MaxiCrown in 2001 and became the registered brand name for Finn-Korkki´s ring pull cap. Ring Crown cap perfectly describes what the cap is - a crown cap with a ring for easy opening.

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